Ruzu Products

Ruzu Products

Ruzu Products are a range of herbal products that have attained international recognition with the International Standards Organization (ISO) and also passed the National food and drug regulation of the United States FDA and the NAFDAC of Nigeria. The Products provide health relief for various health conditions including arthritis, toothache, cough, detoxification, etc. The following are the various products by Ruzu; Ruzu balm for relief from pains, headache, arthritis, joint pains, massage, etc. Ruzu Bitters for detoxifying. Ruzu Herbal skin treatment. Ruzu Diabetes Ruzu cough mixture for relief from cough and nasal congestions. Ruzu Asthma. Mixture for the relief from asthmatic and bronchial related coughs. Ruzu Mouth Wash for mouth odor control and relief from a toothache, mouth sores, tooth, and mouth-related infections.


Ruzu Balm

Ruzu balm for relief from pains, headache, arthritis, joint pains, massage etc


Ruzu Herbal Skincare

Ruzu herbal skincare is your spiritual skincare & facial room using only natural and organic herbal skincare at your home and in the spa.


Ruzu Bitters

Ruzu Herbal Bitters is not just another supplement, it's curative! It’s not a 60-day trial product, the effects can be seen in under 24 hrs. Ruzu Bitters is different from all other bitters in that it’s 100% natural, no additives, and no artificial preservatives.


Ruzu Cough

Ruzu cough relieves congestion and naturally treats build up in the lungs, sinuses, and relief from congestion caused by hay fever, colds, cases of flu, and allergies helps to clear the lungs, esophagus, and sinuses, ideal for a scratchy throat, a herbal blend rich in antioxidants.


Ruzu Herbal Tea

1. Taken for weight loss 2. Reduces cholesterol 3. Helps you to sleep better 4. Helps to relief stress


Ruzu Herbal Soap

This is a natural soap that helps for body odor, wrinkles, stretch marks, black and white spots. It helps to clean and firm your face, it helps for acne scars. General body cleanliness

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